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Be a Contender: HCS can give you all the tools you need to get in the game!

Engage with HCS and get the capabilities of the highly skilled, integrated marketing team you can’t afford to hire internally. With increasingly longer research time as prospects navigate the buying process, marketing has never been more important.

We provide:

  •     •  powerful visual messaging;
  •     •  tactical data solutions;
  •     •  campaign testing, delivery, and cloud-based reporting;
  •     •  PHP coding for websites and digital collateral;
  •     •  product photography and video production;
  •     •  and full content development services.









Brian Hart, Principal   emaillinkedin

Brian’s 30 years of experience working with internationally renowned brands, OEMs, and custom manufacturers allows him to offer insights that:

   • Identify the right people and teams for success
   • Articulate your message to the market
   • Streamline and refine engagement and innovation processes
   • Develop tools to deliver, sustain and measure growth
   • Strategically reorient client-facing organizations

He is a member of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association and a longstanding board member of the Sustainable Green Partnership.

Clay Marsh, Partner   emaillinkedin

Clay brings 20 years in the retail and B2B marketplaces as a legacy brand designer to his work with HCS. His expertise guides:

   • Branding, messaging, and In-Store execution
   • Create design solutions and tools that build effective communication
   • Distill brand DNA through high-impact visual messaging
   • Up-to-date look & feel for company websites

Clay balances creativity and visually sophisticated messaging to develop marketing tools that help our partners stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic industry.

Helen Kyte, Data Specialist

Helen lives and breathes data (and we’re pretty sure she dreams about it, too). She is a deep data virtuoso, unfazed by complexity and able to find the stats on your ideal prospects in any vertical – no matter what rock they may be hiding under. Helen is also passionate about data hygiene, cleansing our proprietary databases twice every day.

Jen Zenzic-Quinlan, Email & SEO Program Director

We’re not saying she has any Reveres in her family tree, but Jen is absolutely dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ outbound messages reach their audience. Night or day, she drives quality assurance for delivery and reporting with what we affectionately refer to as military precision.

Max Collinge, Video & IT Specialist

“Mad” Max Collinge hasn’t yet met a machine he couldn’t master. He is the one-man video production unit at HCS, as well as the hero we call when our tech goes to heck (not that that ever happens). To relax, Max enjoys swimming with sharks, disarming nuclear weapons, and brain surgery.

Vivi Gonzalez, Digital Coding Specialist

Vivi is the HCS code ninja, producing more websites before breakfast than most people read in a day. She specializes in hand-coding in PHP and WordPress environments to create smart websites and engaging, interactive digital marketing experiences.

Jhana Bach, Digital Content Manager

Jhana is our word guru, passionately devoted to getting the right message in front of the right audience with all the I’s dotted and all the T’s crossed. Her work starts with keyword research that sprouts into relevant, organic (and non-GMO) content, and drives findability for our clients.

Carol Hart, Product Photographer

Carol’s photography is magic: Her lens can turn even the blandest item into a compelling visual experience. She brings both an artistic eye and a decade of professional experience to her work with HCS.