Companies at the turning point get proven results with Hart Consulting Services. A streamlined digital marketing agency that can help grow your business, HCS offers nimble marketing services – shaped by expertise derived over 30 years in the marketplace.

Merit Harbor Capital collaborates with HCS in order to offer tailored solutions from a team you can trust, no matter what your vertical. We partner with HCS to provide our clients with a dedicated team that can execute the growth strategies we put in place to raise the value of your business. Talk to the growth specialists at HCS and MHC.

An MHC partner coupled with experience and strength of our professionals, and the CDI Global industrial know-how have been widely recognized. This enables us to consistently deliver top-level results to our clients.

We provide advice on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), divestitures and joint ventures, buy-side and sell-side representation, and due diligence advisory services. We also advise on privatization, restructuring, target analysis, valuation, and deal structuring services. In addition to serving middle market companies directly, we guide large companies on middle market transactions.